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weak monuments 4

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Name Notes


Μακεδονία 8/8/1924 Σαληκουρτζής


Μακεδονία 8/8/1924 Σαληκουρτζής

Salikourtzis, Vloutoglou, Malis public execution in 7th August 1924 Four men shot outside the 1st Military Hospital of Saloniki in public view.

Μακεδονία 29/9/1924 το Πτώμα ενός Σωφέρ

Kosmas Mazis - 'The Driver'

Found in the sea in 29/9/1924 outside Majestic hotel.

'A Murder or a Suicide?' 


morgue in Sketchup

morgue in sketchup a possible way of representing places: the level of detail in the objects and the equipement is rather interesting. close-up views and perspective views inside the model provide an uncanny experience of already unfamiliar spaces.


police equipment bw

policemen uniforms and equipment

a set on flickr



Ελευθερία 23/5/1963 -Λαμπράκης-1+7

Μακεδονία 23/5/1963-Λαμπράκης_1+8

lambrakis episode 23/5/1963           cut outs from articles presenting lambrakis episode


makedonia archive

various photos from Makedonia's coverage of Lambrakis murder trial.

October 1966


a description of


Lambrakis trial started on 2/10/1966, almost three years after the incident in Saloniki and his subsequent death 22/5/1963. The trial took place in Saloniki and was extensively covered by the media presenting detailed information of the event itself, but more interestingly on the 'weak monuments' construction processes.

Lambrakis case offers privildged views on archival structures-mechanisms work: on the first level the trial and on a second level the media coverage. In this post we follow through the media coverage, ways the murder event is recorder, registerd, traced and represented over and over. Already it seems that event is forgotten. Both the trial itself and the newspapers' reportages of the trial construct on one hand archival records (to forget), that can be re-visited in the future and on the other hand public temporal (others say 'weak') monuments (to remember) on top of the murder event of a (public) person. From here we can begin to talk about the way the 'monuments' are set up...at the end of this process something of the city's mechanisms can be learned. Perhaps.


newspaper photos

Makedonia representaion of attack place notes: white inscriptions over the photo of the place Lambrakis was attacked published in Makedonia Newspaper

Court House, iphone photograph, May 2009. The Thessaloniki Court House is built in the 60's after an architecture competition. (To be confirmed and testified.)
judiciary room/ after 14:00

The Thessaloniki Court House,

a collection of pics, 11th of May 2009

see all on flickr
katopsi dikis The plan of a live trial

read the descriprtion of a trial here

(Charisiadis, accusation for public murder on purpose, 15 of May 2009)

Darchive/basement the archive of Thessaloniki's Court House on the basement  

Snapshot 2009-05-12 16-00-04

time-space diagram possible way of mapping specific murders in the city


topology after_the_murder

topology diagram a topology of roles and places mobilized after the event of the murder:The diagram represents a topology of places and actors involved in murder cases. It aims to capture the abstract mechanism which is mobilized after-the-event of the murder. A certain arrangement of people, rooms and special objects-tools creates a particular geography that informs an understanding not only of the way insitutions function but of the city itself. Roles and series of actions run along specific and strict protocoles (rules of behaviour). Part of their stringency -absorbed in their way of work- is the record of their own steps and actions; the accuracy of which could theoretically replay and reconstitute the whole procedure. In this way differents systems and discplines - with their own rules and topology - work independently producing and recording -again and again- certain knowledge of the murder-event, the systems themselves (and indirectly of the city). The overlapping systems structure a complex topology which the diagram hopes to illustrate.

Deleuze_-_Desert_Islands 0n structuralism topological search

deleuze's text on structuralism's topology  
the murder of G.Lamprakis

a pdf collection of sources

images of the murdered labrakis and the funeral


read the descriprtion of a trial here

(Charisiadis, accusation for public murder on purpose, 15 of May 2009)

thes-map Layout2 (1)

digital map of the city  













































































































































































































































































































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