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bus hotel - floating room

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Bus hotel


An existng 2 levels bus transformed to a moving Bed and Breakfast complex.


A simple Bed and Breakfast complex is installed in an existing bus.

The collection of similar buses forms bigger fragmented hotels. Moving Bed and Breakfast units

are meant to offer stable conditions in unstable lands. They are proposed as vehicles for tourists or short terms inhabitants in Cyprus,

Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria. The vehicles can also be used by small commuting communities such as professors of off town Universities.





bus hotel bus hotel
bus hotel bus hotel


Floating Room


A boat designed as a single room.


After an observation of package boxes and of a simple elevation of a storehouse, the design of the boat was undertaken. The boat is a floating room, inside it the control panel is located, together with a sitting place. A simple platform that can disappear constitutes its deck.




floating room floating room c
box house xapiBuilding  


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